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About Us

All-In- One System, Exclusively with Nano-Silver Technology

AcnePro1 is giving consumers a highly potent All- In-One system, very different than anything else on the market for the treatment of acne without the need for a doctor’s prescription. AcnePro1 is a simple three-step process that changes the status quo of acne treatment with the introduction of Nano-Silver particles in the AP1 Hydrosilver Skin Cream which protects the skin as Step 3 of the new system.

Taking on giants like Proactiv and Neutrogena in the acne treatment category of the retail market is no simple task. Since taking on the challenge, AcnePro1 has been gaining ground on healthy skin with new applications of the latest scientific advances of colloidal silver, along with proven FDA monograph ingredients, and healthy results. AcnePro1’s HydroSilver Skin Cream makes its way to a marketplace that’s all too ready for new advances in clear and healthy skin. The Hydrosilver skin cream takes its verve from nano- silver, science’s cutting edge answer to skin restoration. We’ve added a powerful combination of Vitamin E Oil, Coconut Oil, and Hyaluronic Acid to sooth, hydrate, and nourish the skin.

The healing properties of silver have been known for thousands of years. SilverSol® patented technology has advanced the age-old colloidal silver benefits into the 21st century. Only twenty ppm (20 ppm) of the active nano-silver ingredient protects the skin from the multiplication of bacteria and fungus that inhibit cell growth. Cell growth equals healing. Protecting at a cellular level, AcnePro1’s “secret weapon” has now taken its place as a proponent of the science to further clear and balance acne prone skin.

We start the process with a specially formulated acne wash cleanser that’s loaded with more great ingredients and 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, a proven acne treatment, and Step 2 is a Balancing Mist formulated by a world wide clinical supplier and proven effective for over 40 years specifically for acne treatment. This system provides all of the tools needed to treat and repair almost any acne related skin condition. From just a few pesky pimples to seriously acne prone skin, Acnepro1 has proven to be “User Friendly” and effective for all skin types including oily and sensitive skin.

When we found the groundbreaking answer in the SilverSol patents unearthed with over 600 research studies to support the effectiveness in reducing the micro-organisms associated with some of the worse bacteria known to man and we were thrilled. The fact that Silversol creates an anti-microbial barrier that lasts up to 8 hours was exactly what was missing from the standard acne treatments that tend to leave the affected areas extremely dry and irritated. We knew we had to bring such a powerful healing solution to those suffering from acne, one of the most common and emotionally destructive skin conditions in the world. Our customers rave over the benefits of our products and how they affected their lives in such a positive way.

It warms our hearts that a mom recently told us; “We are not only repairing skin, we are repairing lives”.